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  • Websites. See my work

  • Presentations- Short or Long Decks. Eye catching, thought provoking, deal closing presentations.
  • Graphics. Send me the content and I will create/find the right graphic.
  • Consulting. Sometimes you just need to talk with someone to just relieve the stress and find answers for your business and sometimes help with your personal journey. I will help you like I have helped so many others from all different walks of life. Book your first hour free here.
  • Want more? Check out my Resources page for all kinds of helpful things, professional and personal. It's a mixture of all the things I have went to thousands of sites over the years searching for. It's things I wished someone told me.;)


  • Track your time. Seriously. Here's a tool I use, Rescue Time.

  • Track emails. Sortd. Email organizer on sheer adrenaline!
  • Collaborate. You can use Google much more effectively with GSuite. I have used it for years!

  • Communicate. Three of my favorite tools are Bonjoro, WhatsApp, and Skype. Bonjoro has been what I have been thinking about and dreaming about for business today. I just discovered it! Simply put it is video + messaging + email = love forever. It's a game changer! Skype is used for international clients as a preference and WhatsApp is perfect for chatting and free calls.

  • Delegate tasks. Learn to let go. What task/tasks can you let go of today so you can enjoy life more?

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