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I give people real and relevant life tips to survive life's storms.

"I didn't want to be here in this life, had lots going on-divorce, single dad stuff, work, thing going on with my health. All that plus anger and guilt. I was a storm myself!! But I know what to do now! I feel so much better! The sun does shine again!"- Travis

"I was feeling very anxious and overwhelmed. I had panic attacks constantly. You literally walked me through them, knowing you have been through them and overcame them, I knew I would be okay!"- Carolyn

"Thank you for giving me the tools to move on with my life. I thought I was going to lose it when she left but you helped me get through it." - Bill

"The family challenges were too much. I wanted to walk away. You helped me to see things in a different and better perspective, helping me to work on those relationships.- Timothy

"I hated my husband and wanted to leave him. You helped me to work through that anger and disappointment. We have continued and been married over 10 years!" -Janice

"You drew me closer to my relationship with God!" -Anthony

"There isn't anything I feel I can't share with you. I don't feel judged by you. I feel loved." - Karen

"I will never forget. We were together one day. You made me stand in front of the mirror. You actually was standing in the mirror and you pulled me to it. You said to me: Look at yourself. Look at you. Tell her right now- You are beautiful. You are beautiful. Now, smile at yourself! We both cried when something in me broke that day! Thank you!" - Sue

"Your honesty kept me from a bad relationship! Thank you!" -Javon

"Thank you for helping me with my marriage!!" - Shonda

"My relationships with my adult children are so much better now! You gave me real resources and things to do, love in action, that helped us bond and work through pain and unforgiveness. Thank you! -Tray

"I don't freak out as bad anymore when things happen in my life. I know it's going to be alright in the end! You helped me to focus on my relationships with God and truth!" -John

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.*

What's YOUR storm?

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Maybe there is one brewing in the horizon, perhaps you are in one now, maybe you have just left a storm...

One thing is certain.

None of us sail through life without storms. It's just a matter of when.

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Storms are different for everyone, too.

Two people can be in the same storm and both have a very different view of it.

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My Life Storm Tips help you navigate through personal and professional storms.

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I am not textbook. I'm life book.

I have endured many storms in life.

I will help you endure yours, too.

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