How Does This Work?

My best advice regarding determining profitability is ask yourself specific questions:

  • What is the value of one customer/client per year?
  • What is my average price per service or product?
  • Should I buy this?
  • What has to happen for me to be convinced?
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • Have I involved the right people to authorize the purchase?
  • When will I execute this decision?

Once you have answered those, determined your estimated ROI, schedule a time with me below to go over next steps. I will answer any questions or concerns for you at that time, free of charge.

*This applies to startups as well. Know the average value of a client.

Or Use Easy Square Installments and pay for your website over time.

SEO Pricing

Get started today. Choose your package.

  • One Time SEO- Consulting, in depth audit and direction for your company's SEO.
  • Local SEO- Do you have a local business and you need more exposure to get found for your industry? You need consulting, an audit and work on your SEO driving traffic to your site consistently. This does NOT include PPC- Pay Per Click. I can connect you to people providing this service as their main business model.
  • Nationwide SEO- Do you have multiple locations in different parts of the state/country? You will need a vastly different strategy than local. Google, who controls much of search still, is really focused on local search therefore it helps to have focused strategy for those locations.

No contract. Month to month.


Shooting in the dark on content does not work. UseAnswer The Public.Best part: they do it visually.


This is a visual from Answer The Public of what questions are being asked surrounding this particular word "hope". Use the toolto gather information and discuss things people actually care about.

Want more help with content? Schedule a free strategy session today.

The Buzz

Dr. Rebekah B

RetiredPsychologist /BusinessConsultant

"Renea Hanks was a joy to work with & provided truly "solid solutions" to my business. Her ideas were creative but practical and easy to implement. Her deliverables were detailed & thorough but without over work/over billing. Excellent experience! I consider Solid Solutions to be value added & will continue to use this company."

Cherokee Roberts

Business Owner/Forever A Wallflower Boutique

"Renea has helped me tremendously in starting my business. She has the best knowledge of knowing what a business needs to have to be successful. She has helped me with my logo, registering my business, and helped to establish my business. Very creative and knowledgable. High Quality and professional advice and help with my business. She knows what website layouts work and what customers want to see."

Claudio Genovese

Serial Entrepreneur/Real Estate & Technology

"Best quality price, a lot of creativity with great communication and driven professionally."

Andrew Cucinotta

Business Development

"Renea has been one of the most tenacious, hard working, well rounded, and trustworthy partners I've ever worked with. Shes an overachiever with amazing personal and networking skills. Renea has a great demeanor accompanied with a positive attitude and great follow thru skills. When she has a goal in mind, she surpasses it although challenges are thrown her way. I would recommend Renea for ANY position and or as a partner."

Michele Beck CPA


"Renea is a great person to work with. She has tons of knowledge with lots of tips to make your workday more productive!"

Jerry Dawley

Business Owner/Dawley Asphalt

"My go to person for anything internet related. Always trustworthy and she gets them in done!!! I wouldn't trust anyone else. She has taken care of Dawley Asphalt internet needs for years."

Greg Kell

Business Owner/Kell Web Solutions

"Sharp, professional, respectful and trustworthy. I recommend Renea Hanks and Solid Solutions Today to any business owner seeking to successfully navigate through today's challenging competitive business landscape."

Nicholas Carbacio


"Hiring Solid Solutions Today was a great decision! Not only did I get everything I wanted and more, I got it done ahead of the agreed upon time frame and for less than I thought it would cost! Renea really goes above and beyond to ensure that the customer is satisfied!!! Thanks Renea!"

Want help with:

Business Success

  • Brand Building
  • Strategy
  • Software Review and Advice
  • Market Studies, Research and Analysis
  • SEO


  • Websites
  • Content Curation
  • Graphic Design/Logo


  • Presentations- Short and Long
  • Pitch Decks
  • Storytelling

Relationship Building

  • Introduction emails and mediation emails for strained relationships
  • LinkedIn Profiles-creation, updates, summaries, and choosing correct strategy for growth, connecting
  • Finding unique opportunities for growth

Coaching- Motivation/Inspirational

  • Personal Coaching- Personal and Professional
  • Problem Solving
  • Focus Tools

These are some areas clients have been helped:

  • Attorneys
  • Churches
  • Commercial Construction
  • CPAS
  • Dealerships
  • Designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Interior Designers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Pilots
  • Private Investors
  • Retailers
  • Software/App Companies

Business Cards

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