The productivity tools Fast Company wrote about ringing in the New Year are fascinating! The top three I liked were:

A few of my favorites outside of their suggested tools are:

Out of the three, I have used Google Keep the longest. For me, it's the best Post It note, ever.  First of all, the logo totally speaks for itself: bright ideas. I have literally had a brainstorm and right there...boom! I don't grab for a pen and paper or a napkin;), it's right there at my fingertips and many, many other reasons.

  1. Speed. It's fast. Like, really fast.
  2. Voice Notes are rocket worthy.
  3. Syncing + Digital Nomad = Love Forever

Alan Henry covered Google Keep in article on Life Hacker almost SIX, yes, you read that right, 6 years ago. It's even more relevant today. No. Google didn't "ax" this one. So, basically, chill and load it.

CoSchedule I just discovered today.

What's it do for me? So far what it is doing for me is helping me to manage blogs and content in a much more efficient way. It does other things, too, like:

  1. Content + Social Media + All In One Place = A Quite Chill CEO
  2. Tracking
  3. Marketing Project Management

Loom Pro gives you and me the ability to capture, record and narrate all at once and instantly share the video. 

There is an option to screen share or web cam. 

I have used this in training for clients. It has saved lots of time and money for my clients. What else it does:

  1. CTA (Call To Action) Buttons on videos
  2. In depth viewer insights
  3. Unlimited storage

BONUS: Since you read this whole article like the good reader you are;), here is a bonus software I use and LOVE: Nimble

NIMBLE is. Quick. Agile. Helps me to overcome obstacles in my business. It also helps:

  1. It nurtures relationships
  2. Helps you leverage social insights
  3. 100+ App Integrations (mic drop)

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Renea Hanks is the owner of Solid Solutions Today. Renea writes about software, real estate, and technology.