Finally!!!! I just found this one on Product Hunt. Super excited about Cocoon! I said "Goodbye" a while ago to Facebook, well, the PARENT Facebook. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I left the platform, a way to still communicate with my family/friends in small groups.

Cocoon - A private app for the most important people in your life | Product Hunt Embed

How to Launch a Startup right with Alexis Ohanian, "The Startup Guy"

Startups require more than just a good idea. It also takes:

  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Networking...

Get the rest of what it takes to launch a startup at

How To Market Your Business

Neil Patel

is the best online marketer on the planet!!

I have implemented his strategies and instantly saw results! After working hard many years and failing, success is finally coming through Neil's tried and tested strategies.

Many of the tools used at Solid Solutions Today, I learned from him.

I will be using some of his strategies to help grow your business, too.

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Enjoy my very own Blessed Sugar Cookie recipe;) This should get you lots of hugs, kisses and thank yous ;)

Want to build your professional brand or build relationships with someone that has done it?

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Current screenshot of Renea Hanks's social selling index indicator from LinkedIn, October 2019

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