• Don't you get tired of hearing

    "Sorry. We don't do that.

    No. We don't know anyone. Sorry."


    Yeah. We know how that feels!


    That's why we decided to become what we needed ourselves:

    A Helping Hand.


    We are not "we know-it-all" type of people,

    although we do know the One who does know it all:)


    We are business owners just like you who had/have problems, questions, freak outs, frustrations, and everything else in between.


    We just didn't know WHERE TO GO to get help!


    As we learned, discovered and began to build relationships with people in different industries, we realized:


    Hey! Let's help others who are going through the same things.


    Maybe, since we know some shortcuts and some work arounds, we can help others lessen their stress and solve their problems faster.


    Sound like the reason you came here?

    Here's your helping hand, well, symbolically.


    Just submit your information here.

    Then you really can get that helping hand you need today.

    Solid Solutions Today is focused on serving you by addressing you and your needs with a one to one personal style that is unique in the industry.

    What do you need? If you don't ask, the answer is always "no".

  • Our Work

    How we helped others before you:

    • Websites
    • Graphics
    • Software Review and Advice
    • In House Advising on Software and Hardware
    • Creating Industry Connections
    • Finding unique opportunities for growth
    • Focus
    • Motivational Speaking and Team encouragement/morale
    • Problem Solving
    • Strategy
    • Pitch Decks
    • Storytelling
    • Presentations-Short and Long Decks
    • Executive Summaries
    • SWOT
    • Competitor Research and Analysis
    • Filings
    • Business Plans
    • Research
    • Studies
    • Mediation
    • Emails for introduction 
    • Emails for reestablishment of strained relationships
    • LinkedIn Profiles-creation, updates, summaries, and choosing correct strategy for growth, connecting
    • Video

    These are just a few of the areas we have helped clients.


    While our niche is in Real Estate, we have helped clients everywhere.

    Some of those include:

    • Commercial Construction
    • CPAs
    • Private Investors
    • Attorneys
    • Car Dealerships
    • Interior Designers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Retailers, and more.

    We have helped many small business types.

    We will help you, too.


    Call/Text 580-768-3321 to get help today.

    FREE initial consultation.

  • Hello!!! I'm Renea.

    I'm your helping hand. I can speak with you on your preferred method of communication:

    • Are you a texter? Great! Text 580-768-3321. Don't worry. We won't have weird conversations about "Who is this and why are you texting me?" We will, however, speak in fluent emoji:)
    • Are you a chatter? You like to talk on the phone. Alright. Call me at 580-768-3321.
    • Are you a meet and greet type of I need to see your face person? That's fine, too. That's Skype for video calls. Here's the contact info: reneatinytalks. Add me.
    • Are you Mr. or Ms. International, living in another country, or just prefer WhatsApp? I got you covered. Add me in your contacts. Renea Hanks 580-768-3321.
    • Alas, if you prefer to email, when you click the button below, it will open to begin an email conversation for the helping hand you need today.

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    Software and Apps to help you accelerate.

    7 Productivity Tools for 2019


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