• I help businesses make money.

    That goal is achieved through Branding, Consulting, Designing, and Pinterest Social Media Marketing.

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  • Before

    This was the brand

    before Solid Solutions Today completed the re-branding of this 60+ year old luxury real estate brokerage in Monaco.


    This is the brand's look and feel

    with Solid Solutions Today. 

    Our branding style is minimalist, clean, elegant, and direct.

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  • Branding

    Our brand creation is straight forward and direct, just like our pricing.

    We don't play "Tag. You're it." We don't send endless emails attempting to convince you what you need and how much you need it. That is a waste of your time and ours.

    We focus on YOU. We focus on creating YOUR BRAND.

    Your brand should reflect trust and confidence.  It is a creative process, one that we take seriously.

    Yes, there are companies out there that can do it super cheap. 

    We are not that company.

    We provide a valuable service to those who are aware of their need for the right branding or re-brand. 

    They also have allocated budgets for that need. 

    They do not have the time, effort, or creative strengths to put into research, development, creating assets, and more. They are focused on their product/service and generating revenue.

    If that is you, 

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  • Road to Brand Success

    With Solid Solutions Today


    Schedule Consult.

    Once you book your initial consultation, we will learn more about you, your brand, and mission. We will decide if Solid Solutions Today is a good fit to brand or re-brand.


    Invoice w/

    Scope Sent

    Okay, great! We have agreed we are a good fit.

    Step 2, we send over the invoice with details of the project and timeline. 

    This is always an estimation.  

    Brand revisions take time.

     Effective communication between us is paramount to success at this step.



    Once an invoice is paid, we begin the project.

    Branding projects are not like websites. They must be paid for 100% upfront.

    We will request you to complete our questionnaire form.

    This form will be sent between steps 2-3.

    You will be providing us with details such as:

    • Where your brand is currently

    • What direction do you want to take your brand

    • Your mission

    • Your Purpose

    • Company Colors and Inspirations you would like to share

    • Additional details you would like to provide.


    Project Begins

    All information should have been received from you by Step 4.

    Work begins. 

    We are putting together all the elements for your new branding.


    1st Round Deliver

    First round of revisions is sent.



    We might be here awhile. This all depends on you.


    Completion of Project

    We have gone back and forth several times. 

    Now your brand is complete. 

    Brand assets are delivered.