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Countdown to April 21st

Why this day matters more for your business

It's Google and it's of course, good.
Here's the thing about the whole April 21st without getting techy and geeky on you:
  • You have a website? Awesome!
  • Is your website mobile friendly? That's what Google wants to know. Now, I bet you want to know, too. 
  • You are looking at this right now because, guess what? Yep. You guessed it. We have a Mobile Friendly Site. 
Want to know how to test your site? Fantastic! Click link below and Google will let you know
People, Google is serious!
Now that you have the diagnosis (you know whether your site is mobile friendly or not), you have several choices which happen to be:
  • Do nothing and lose big with Google rankings. 
  • Ask your webmaster to fix it (before April 21st, obviously) and then ask the additional question of why a blog brought it to your attention and not them?
  • Find a designer who builds mobile friendly sites.
  • Contact Solid Solutions Today at 888-235-5612. We settle your problem with our solution of Simple Sites within 3 business days. Call for rates. We have a simple Questionnaire you fill out, pay with your credit card and you are up in 3 business days. Simple, huh? (Answer all questions on form, send in necessary business information, logos, images, and videos to have site up within 3 business days.)
What's your path looking like now?
Your website...Yeah. Fix that.
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