Business Life Hacks Part 1-
An Eight Year Old's Perspective
by Renea Hanks

Recently, I was finishing a massive project for a client when my eight year old granddaughter, Alecia, came into my office and sat near me. She demanded my attention.

She announced "Listen. I have to tell you some things about life." She quickly reached over me and grabbed my Google ledger and a pen then set them on top of my keyboard. 

"This will help people in their business and you need to tell them." She meant business.

I cherished the moment looking into those big, brown eyes. After studying her for a moment and seeing the seriousness on her face, I replied "Sure, Alecia. What should we know?"

Well, first of all...

  • No junk food. (Ugh...this is not starting well. #nocomment)
  • Buy more makeup. (No problem...Neiman's, anyone?)
  • Brush your hair three times a day and when it gets soggy, pull it. (I think I read that somewhere. Hmmm...Do you not like my messy bun?)
  • Die your hair. (Really? It's that time again??)
  • Go shopping at the Mall. (Is this about helping me and other business people or is this somehow about Build A Bear, Justice or I don't know...American Girl, maybe?)
  • Buy fancier clothes. (I thought I heard Chanel calling my name!)
  • Get a new purse. (Scratch that off the list...Did I tell you I have amazing clients?)
  • Get a home. (You haven't let that pool thing go, have you? #nopressure)
  • Decorate your home. (Yes...Italian, of course. Please and thank you.)
  • Decorate your closet. (We have definitely been watching too much Barbie however chandeliers are a must in the elegant!)
  • Watch movies. (Relax. I get it. You grab the movie and I will get the popcorn. See you on the couch.)

(Note: This is Part 1 of 5 of Business Life Hacks- An Eight Year Old's Perspective) 

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