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Activate your activator

How changing your mind changes your direction

Most of us just move forward to the day to day tasks of living. Sure, we have daydreams but to make them a reality just seems like such a big change.
That is just what is happening to you every single day. Your thoughts are sabotaging you. Your comfort is sabotaging you. Get out of your comfort zone because that same thing between your ears running you today is the same one that is so easily manipulated that it does not understand the difference between if you really are successful or you are not.
Do you believe that you become what you eat? Well, how is it that you do not believe the same with your brain? What are you consuming every single day? 
Get out of your comfort zone and begin to walk into what your dreams are. Your brain has what is called the Reticular Activating System. 
Learn more about that right here
Keep pushing any negative thought out of your way.
It won't be long and you will be exactly where you set your mind you would be.
Happy Goal Setting on Target Tuesday.
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