About Me

about renea hanks

"A picture is worth a thousand words."


The brain totally gets that. MIT wrote an article about the "In The Blink of an Eye".

Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain identifies images seen in as little as 13 milliseconds.

Wow! Just wow.

So what sort of images on your site, presentations, brochures, fact sheets, print media, etc., are you using?

Are they truly reflective of you, your company, the vision, what you really want to say?

I have been teased all my life about the "random facts" I would just through into conversation, because, well, it's fascinating and fun.

You know, break up the routine in life, the boring same old conversations.

Enter 2019.

Social media, news at a flash, apps everywhere, websites, information overload, people blowing your mind left and right with all kinds of crazy things and




You are not a complicated person. You definitely don't want your life to be.

You just need a website that is relatable to your customers with relevant content they actually WANT.

Well, welcome to my world;)

That is what I do.